Designing spaces that fit in with the customer’s needs

From service studios to business spaces to retail and even SOHO, we are leaving no possibilities unexplored. Our diverse ideas for spaces come together in a series of projects that can cater to all our customer’s needs.

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The SUSHMA excellence

Details matter, no surprise there. But for us, it is about creating details that remain in the shadows, while shining a light of satisfaction to your experiences.

Flawless by Design

Our linear structure has a higher window to area ratio. This means less heat, more light and even more electricity saved. The 12ft. office space, 14ft. retail space, larger pathways for service elevators as well as defined pathways for both four-wheelers and walkers makes everyone feels the spaciousness.

Technology-Driven Spaces

In an era of smartphones and smart cars, we focus on smart street lights, smart elevatorsand even have charging stations for electric cars.

Saving What’s Precious

Our zero discharge design treats and redirects discharged water towards flushing,gardening and other uses.

Filling the Vacuum of Better AQI

While we have industrialised air purifiers overground, the basements have Carbon Monoxidesensors to suck out polluted air and maintain the Air Quality Index.